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I have quite an unusual process for creating these 2d artworks . 

I start with a piece of original textile art ( created by me and used to upholster vintage chairs and other furniture ) .

Before I upholster the chairs I take a scan of the fabric ( well several scans really ) and I re work the layout using digital techniques to create a new composition suitable for a print , disparate elements of the textile piece are combined in a more coherent fashion. 


Once the new compostion is completed I print out a single copy onto archival acid free paper and I then draw into the image. I add in lots of extra elements that were not present in the textile piece, using a combination of ball point and fineliner pen , coloured pencils , acrylic ink and paint. 

Because of the high resolution of the scanning and printing process the texture and pattern of the fabric is retained

and enchances the depth and texture of the finished piece. 


This is what I am offering for sale on this page. As these are original pieces , the white of the paper surrounding the image may be marked or slightly creased and in some rare cases notes scribbles or sketches may be present on the margins. This does not affect the artwork . 


All works are done on 48cm x 33 cm archival acid free paper The images are approc 30.5cm x 30.5cm . 

Prices are for unmounted & unframed work but mounting and framing options are available. 

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