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Step 1


Do you have your own chair that you would like me to recover ? 

If Yes : Then you need to have a think about what you might like to have done to the chair and send me an email with your ideas and a photograph of your chair.

You can also include your own photographs either of places or animals etc that you would like to feature in the artwork.


You can look through my back catalogue for inspiration.

If you don't already have a chair it is not a problem I can usually supply a selection of chair frames just let me know what you have in mind and I'll send you some options of what is currently available. 

Step 2

I will get back to you with an approximate price, at this stage it is usually a minimum to maximum price range , within which you can decide what you would like to spend and i will tailor the design to suit your budget.

If you are happy with the estimated price you just have to let me know and i will add you to the waiting list.

If you need a quote for collection / delivery just let me know .

Step 3 

Getting the chair here : If you are able to bring your chair to my studio that is always the best solution as we can discuss the design and colours in much greater detail and i can map out the layout for you on the actual chair. 

If you can't come to me then we can organise to get the chair collected and i will send you rough sketches of the design for you to choose what you would like.  

Lead time for commissions is currently around 2 years , but this can vary depending on the size of the commission and my availability / work load .

During this waiting time it can seem like i have forgotten about you but I absolutely haven't I promise .

Step 4 

I will contact you when i am ready to make a start on your commission ( usually by email ) to confirm all the design details and price etc . If the timing doesn't suit you you can just let me know and we can push back the date to a more suitable time . ( you wont go to the back of the queue again ! )  

From this point everything moves really quickly, and prompt replies to my emails are really appreciated 

as i normally only work on one project at a time. Long delays in your response to my emails can mean really long delays for you project as i will have to start on the next project if i don't hear back from you. 

Step 5 

I will send you a photograph of the fabric i have made for your chair before I do any upholstery . 

If you have supplied the chair I will also ask you for 50% of the payment at this point, as approval of the fabric constitutes a binding agreement between us. 


If for any reason you are not completely happy with the fabric I have made for you now is the time to let me know. 

Step 6


You will be sent a photo of your finished chair , hopefully you will love it and i will send you the final invoice for the chair . Please pay it right away. 

We can then organise delivery or collection of your gorgeous chair.

So to sum up : It's expensive , takes a long time and requires quite a lot of input from you too,

 but in the end you get something truly unique and very special. 

Sorry about the long read .I've tried to think of everything but  there is probably still information I've not included here so if you have any questions send me an email. 

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